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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The War On Drugs, The National, The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Early U2

band members

Geoff Rana: vocals, guitars, keyboards Jared King: Bass, BV's Daniel Conte: Drums


The National, The War on Drugs, Death Cab for Cutie, Sigur Ros, Beach House, Real Estate

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Sydney-based Dream rock band Crystal Cities knew from the very start of 2020 that they wanted to release their 10-track second album as individual singles. Since August 26th 2020 the band has been consistently dropping single-after-single and delivering quality music for their fans and music critics alike.

“The up tempo energy of Crystal Cities makes for an absolutely electric composition.”
- Greg Jones (EarToTheGroundMusic)

“A rousing and anthemic release from Sydney-based indie dream rock outfit Crystal Cities.”

“Blood-soaked” is the eighth single to be released from the band’s sophomore LP Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight. The song is nothing short of epic yet still maintains a unique Indie rock edge. Daniel Conte’s powerful drum parts are explosive and provide the perfect glue to hold Rana’s unique chorus vocal phrasing together. The song is also a great example of tension and release, spending it’s first two choruses centred around one chord and then unearthing a huge surge of energy by expanding the harmony at the 1:48 mark.

“‘Blood-soaked’ tells the tale of the power of the mind. Although you get to choose the outcome, you are not always the winner. Reality is your prize, and is your creation, and that creation can be your greatest achievement or your biggest downfall. I’ve tried to convey this message through the loose narrative of a prize fighter from ancient Greece in a battle of epic proportions, hanging on for dear life.”
⁣- Geoff Rana (vocals/guitar/keys)

After recording their debut album (Under the Cold Light of the Moon) at Abbey Road Studios in 2019, Crystal Cities decided to try out an entirely different approach for their upcoming second LP, Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight. This time there was no fancy studio or producer, but just the combined effort of the 3 individual band members.

At the beginning of 2020, lead singer/guitarist and primary songwriter, Geoff Rana decided to take it upon himself to learn all the ins and outs of recording. With the help of free educational resources such as YouTube Rana began putting the information he learned to good use, applying it as he tracked the band’s second album at this house in Sydney. It was a ‘learn on the job’ type of process for Rana who’s skills developed exponentially as the band worked through the entire 10 song tracklist.

With the helping hand of world-renowned LA-based mix engineer Paul Lani (David Bowie, Prince), Rana and co have dealt fans a sharper and more hard-hitting Crystal Cities sound while still maintaining the signature ‘Dream Rock’ elements that they established in their 2019 debut Under the Cold Light of the Moon.



Crystal Cities

Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

07 Sep 2021

Triple J

Big, driving rock with smarts to match the noise.

Big, driving rock with smarts to match the noise.