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elton john, Earth wind and Fire, Morris Day & The Times, Prince, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, The Acacia Strain, Slipknot, Bury Your Dead, Nasty, Words Of Concrete, Ashes Of December, The Game, Eminem, Motion City Soundtrack, Improvidence, Oceano, Varials, Kanye West, City Morgue, Angel Maker, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Carnifex, Chris Brown

band members

Vocals: Dave Mustane/Willem Dafoe Guitar n back up vox: Jayceon Taylor Drums: Russel Coight Bass: Bootsy Collins


As above


Had the project recorded since 2017 just been a bit late to release with lineup changes and rewriting a lot. Finally coming to fuck your shit up in 2019.
Get ready.