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Dance, Indie, Pop

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Lorae + Blake + Elliot



CURLS release their debut single Young Lovin' in the height of a scorching Australian Spring.
Born from the collaboration of siblings Blake and Lorae Misipeka, in conjunction with producer Elliot Heinrich, ‘Young Lovin’ reveals a knack for captivating melody, alongside a novel approach to modern pop.

Artist by day- vocalist by night: creative wunderkind Lorae complements CURLS’ tunes with her original watercolours, in combination with her distinctive vocal chic.

Cutting their teeth on classic pop records (see Rumours, Parallel Lines, 1999, Kick, Songs From the Big Chair etc.), songwriters Misipeka and Heinrich have developed their craft through projects past and pending (Archdukes, Hunting, Polyamory).

Tis the season of love (in the southern hemisphere at least), realise your fledgling infatuation with CURLS debut, Young Lovin’.