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Sounds like

JET, Arctic Monkeys, The Vines

band members

Mitchell MacKintosh & Dion Mariani & Cameron O'Loughlin & Darcy Barnard

Unearthed artists we like

Ray Finkle , Timothy Nelson & The Infidels, AXE GIRL



"An energetic, wiry four-piece that sound like the lovechild of latter-day Arctic Monkeys and the Who, their riffs are dirty and big, but there's a tunefulness on display that suggests something very special is bubbling away." - Rolling Stone Australia

A well-dressed rockin' presence on the live scene, Custom Royal have gained a resilient reputation for being a tight, compelling and charismatic outfit, emerging from their hometown in Perth, Western Australia.

Having relentlessly toured the state and recently the east-coast, Custom Royal have supported the likes of Bruce Foxton’s From The Jam, Wheatus, British India, Stonefield, even David Fucking Hasselhoff.

“Mind-blowingly fast guitar and drum solos sure to impress everyone in the room.” - X-Press Magazine

“...screeching riffs reminiscent of The Beatles' White Album work with an oddly Australian flavour,” - The Music

Debut single, Sweet Disguise saw Custom Royal added to the playlists of countless radio stations Australia-wide, including Triple J. The accompanying music video was also aired on the ABC’s Rage programme.

Custom Royal then jumped back onto the recording wagon, this time working closely with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) to produce their debut 4-track EP. Title track, Supernaut reached No. 7 on Amrap’s Great Southern Charts, receiving airplay on Triple J Unearthed and community radio stations across Australia, all in the first week of its release.

'Dynamite' ★ ★ ★ ★ - X-Press Magazine

8/10 - 100% ROCK Magazine

Hide Yourself, also taken from the EP was soon added to London’s Amazing Radio station where it was premiered on the Amazing Rock show.

The music video for Hide Yourself was premièred by Pilerats. Watch it here:

Custom Royal’s debut EP Supernaut is out now!

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