Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Mudvayne, meshuggah

band members

Jan Nicholas Blom - Vocals Craig Irons - Bass Nathen Cave - Guitar Josh Paish - Drums/Vocals


Pantera, metallica, primus


In-cyde was formed in 2004 by ex-members of Low Brow (Grafton) and Seven/Cleavage (Ballina). Originally a three piece outfit, In-cyde released a mini e.p. featuring the single 'Bulletproof'. The video clip for that track is still played regularly on Channel V and Rage. After doing some session work for a Gold Coast band called The Dreamscape Measurement, drummer Paish, enlisted the services of the vocalist for that band (Jan Nicholas Blom) to join guitarist Cavey and bassist Craigo in In-cyde. In a matter of a few weeks In-cyde completed their debut album Hate which got rave reviews from the press and the fans. Now touring Australia quite regularly and with a new album soon to be released In-cyde is a band well and truly worth checking out. There's nothing better than a good quality metal band with brutal drums, smooth/chunky rhythmic bass, insane guitar riffs and ear busting vocals. A thin film of mucus is all that seperates us from you.