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Father God , Bee Geez


From a Little (but powerful in culture) island named Mabuyag Island in the Torres Strait, hails this powerful singer,songwriter and choreographer…..Cygnet Repu.

Born to a close knitted family, Cygnet has a brother Allan, who is a Penticostal Pastor and also a musician. The life of the People of Mabuyag evolves around singing and dancing, a very audible Tribe of Wagadagam which is distributed into clan groups, each to it's totem.

Cygnet Repu a.k.a. Shaker, is a very straight forward speaking and entertaining man when it comes to culture,music and dance.

Cygnet is a cultural pillar in his community, he composes, he choreographs, he dances, he entertains and he teaches his culture, passing on cultural messages to the global community.

Cygnet cuts and put together different styles of music and come up with his own unique style which he then breaks into little musical parts and creates his own culture beat.

He is reachable through the net and is always listening to anyone who has words and melody added to it.

Cygnet Repu is one of those singers who sings straight into your heart and is thankful for all the support he gets everyday from all his fans within the global community.