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Daniel ‘D.Minor’ Harvey is a 23 year old international recording and performing artist from Sydney Australia.

His musical talent began at an early age when he found himself penning rap lyrics while growing up in a turbulent family life. As he was shuffled between foster homes, often finding himself homeless, his love and passion for music became his salvation. While sleeping next to bakeries for warmth, he would write rap lyrics in pursuit of his dream to become a rapper and inspire young people through his lyrics. D.Minor often says that “writing lyrics was like therapy for me”.

It was during a stint in a refuge that he was advised to enroll in a program at Key College, a Youth Off The Streets school, where they offered a music course called ‘Heaps Decent’. It was there he learnt how to record music, and kickstart his career.

Soon after, while D.Minor started performing for countless youth events and charities, he was sponsored by Vodafone Foundation Australia in 2012 to enter into a national mentoring program, run by Musicians Making A Difference. He was also nominated for the NSW & ACT Young Achievers Awards for the Australia Super Career Kick Start Award (2016). His rise continued as he was invited to perform at iconic events and locations such as The Big Day Out (2013) and The Sydney Opera House (2011). In 2014 he was awarded The Sony Foundation National Scholarship Award.

D.Minor’s first big break came when he represented Australia at the 19th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in California, beating 40 other nations. He won Gold for Australia, for his track SYD 2 LBC; a song about his journey from homeless in Sydney to performing on the world stage. On his return to Australia he was appointed ambassador of Parramatta City by the Lord Mayor, Paul Garrard.

In 2016 he was invited back to WPCOPA to perform as a special guest at the Opening Ceremony, and in 2017 has been invited to perform

D.Minor’s mentorships and ambassador roles are numerous. He has worked with Universal Music Australia for a campaign about connecting with the youth of today, is a Youth Programs Facilitator and Music Mentor and Charity Ambassador for Musicians Making A Difference.

D.Minor regularly performs at youth events in Western Sydney and continues to perform worldwide. He has numerous radio and TV appearances under his belt including Channel 10s ‘The Living Room’, and KPTR radio in Florida USA.

He is currently completing his Bachelor of Composition and Production at The Australian Institute of Music.

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