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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jack Johnson

band members

D R Malone (AKA David Steve)Walter Zamuner, Pravesh KC, Carlos Meza


Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash




D R Malone

Mature content

19 Sep

Parkmore Shopping ...

Melbourne, 3173

317 Cheltenham rd Keysborough



D R Malone

Mature content

26 Sep

Mr Boogieman bar

Melbourne, 3067




"Bullet is the latests music instalment by live hard working High energy blues and Rock band, Dr Malone, and it is the semi conceptual EP. The band would prefer for you to listen to the 3 tracks one after the other, and get a better understanding of the small content.

"Bullet, the opener says what you think you are hearing, and what it means to you...followed by "No way out (of here)", When you realised you created all! Either by following, or by doing anything about it: "you are caught!" "Amen" (Machine guns and airplanes", Perhaps talking about people's choices to have a job, no matter what! There is over all, believe it or not, a breeze of hope and positiveness, as long as we all get involved yo improve things. Enjoy the mini trip!

"The Melbourne outfit is made up of:
D R Malone lead Vocals & guitar
Walter Zamuner Bass guitar
Pravesh KC Lead guitar
Carlos Meza Drums