Artist info


Electronic, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Depeche Mode. New Order,The Prodigy

band members

D R Malone (AKA David Steve)Walter Zamuner, Pravesh KC, Carlos Meza


New Order,The Prodigy,Fat Boy Slim,Nick Cave



The story of Funky and synth innovator William Onyeabor teaches us that…sometimes, just sometimes, a figure emerges in the music scene who doesn't necessarily fit in when it comes current trends, including age and style. We’ve seen in the past how a talented older artist like John Butler came to light and brought to us some great roots and blues tunes, who together with Onyeabor are favourites of Dr. Malone and an inspiration for his own project. Dr Malone is not new in this game, and in the past has done the live circuit in the days when St Kilda in Melbourne was the royal den of the music scene, which led him to eventually finding his style, which merged into a fusion of Blues & Rock and electronic elements. Inspired by acts that range from Depeche Mode, New Order and The Presets, to blues, roots and rock artists like BB king and Howling Wolf. Created from his home studio in Melbourne that was transformed from a tool shed, in collaboration with producer Dr J & J, Dr Malone is putting the final touches to his first album, due for release mid year.