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Electronic, Indie, Pop

band members

Nik Ranger (Electric Violin / Vox) Jason Whatt (Guitar) Tom Hainsworth (Bass) Broghan O'Loughlin (Drums)


Cat Power, St Vincent, Portishead, Unkle

Unearthed artists we like

Uncle Bobby, Fierce Mild



Dada Ono is a three piece band with front woman, electric violinist and songwriter Nik Ranger, bassist Lewis Reidy-Crofts and drummer Broghan O'Loughlin. Cast by reviews unto the mould of alternative rock, pop, experimental rock and electronic, Dada Ono strives to push the boundaries with each song. The band was founded by songwriter Nik Ranger whilst teaching in Siem Reap, Cambodia after buying a cheap keyboard, spending the hot nights crafting and refining ideas. Dada Ono's name lends itself to two separate ideas. Dada heralding from the art movement of dadaism, post first world war artistic anarchy and Ono, from the direct Japanese translation, Axe.