Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Baby Animals, Heart, The Divinyls

band members

Cynthia Gallie (Vocals) Jarse (Guitar) Joel Vermaas(Bass)


radiohead, The Doors, Nirvana

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Daddys Little Girl burst onto the live music scene in 2005, captivating audiences with their own brand of rock. Known for their theatrical live show, DLG has been compared to Australian iconic bands The Divinyls and The Baby Animals, as well as 70’s rock band Heart. DLG’s gig roster to date has included two tours to Sydney, supports for profile bands such as Electric Mary, The Screaming Jets, Thirsty Merc, The Hoodoo Gurus, and Grinspoon, as well as a good sprinkling of pub gigs throughout Melbourne. With a view for overseas touring to begin in 2010, DLG are gearing up for world domination, and the release of an EP later this year. DLG is fronted by ‘the dynamic’ Cynthia Gallie on vocals and outfits, with Jarse on guitar and stage antics, and Joel Vermaas on bass and fire-breathing. To witness a DLG show is to experience a coming together of musical theatre, rock, pop and great musicianship, culminating in a performance like you have never seen, and a band you will never forget.