Artist info


Roots, Indie

Sounds like

The Specials, sublime, The Cat Empire

band members

Rafe Morris - vocals, guitar; Sam King - guitar, trumpet, vocals; Toby King - drums; Valdis Thomman - trombone; Nick Combes - sax Patch - bass


sublime, The Red Eyes, Ernest Ranglin


Dahahoo is a six-piece reggae, funk, ska, and rock band who classify themselves as "multi-funk". They have been writing and giging since 2003 at the national folk festival (Canberra), the Woodford music festival (Woodford) and in pubs and bars all along the East Coast. This six-piece of highly talented and dangerously sexual men have been wowing audiences from all over the country since the release of their first full length album entitled "Jim and the Haircut" in early 2004. Now in 2007 having released a demo and their latest full length album, Tarantism, there seems to be no stopping this force of dance and mosh. So remember, "Dahahoo; guarantied raddness or your funk back!" PS. Make sure to check out our myspace, it has different tunes there. rad.