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Hip Hop, Pop

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Bad Wookie, Billy Erupto, Bottle Brush

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Bad Wookie Billy Erupto Bottle Brush Dex Ender III Potential Threat Wolf + YOU?! JOIN THE CHAIN!


Dex, Wolf, Ender III, Potential, Threat


A network for free music, collaboration and mutual promotion We are at a point wherein record labels are no longer relevant. No one knows the value of music or how much purchasing an album should cost. However, musicians now have the means to create and promote their art basically for free with full creative control. Daisy Chain Music offers free music, of a wide variety. The philosophy behind DCM is to invite collaboration and mutual promotion between all musicians, so that eventually we are all listening to each other and the music record industry does not require financing or record labels for any part of the process. Spread the message and join the chain!