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Pop, Indie

band members

Daisy Clover- vocals and guitar, 'Petals': Kevin- guitar, Robbie- bass, Liam- drums


Melanie Safka, Led Zeppelin, Rodriguez


Originating from the Southwest corner of WA, Daisy Clover takes her 60s folk inspired pop sounds to the people, setting them free with her sweet vocal melodies and empowering them with driving guitar riffs and emotive build-ups. As a true flower child, Daisy takes her songwriting inspiration from experience of travel and love, the beauty of nature and world injustices. Although beginning as a solo project, Daisy Clover has expanded to a four piece live performance after the recording of her self-titled debut EP. The bigger sound led to the realisation she’d need some friends to help her out so she called on cousin and proficient drummer Liam Park as well as boarding school peers and ‘Led Zeppelin jammers’ Kevin Forth and Robbie Hyde. The four-piece aim to increase their presence and fan-base in the WA music scene in 2012. The first single from The Daisy Clover EP, ‘Devil Woman’ is set for release in April 2012 with the Daisy Clover EP launch to follow shortly thereafter...