Artist info



Sounds like

Massive Attack, George, Morcheeba

band members

Ange - vocals, Chris - guitar, Dave - drums, Jon - guitar, Cliff - bass


portishead, Stevie Wonder, DJ Shadow



dakuta are a five piece band from Brisbane who have been playing with their current instrumental line up since 2001 . Angela Cundell joined as vocalist in mid 2003, and shortly after dakuta released their self titled EP featuring tracks played nationally on Triple J, as well as other airplay on Triple M and local & community stations around Queensland and New South Wales . Angela’s diverse vocal style drives dakuta’s unique sound . The music is a solid combination of acoustic & electric guitars, hip-hop style drum & bass, tribal percussion & more . The band’s influences include Portishead, Gomez, Radiohead, The Tea Party, Morcheeba, DJ Shadow The film clip for dakuta`s new single `The Drum` has recently been completed and will be included as a VCD on dakuta`s new EP `The Drum` available nationally through Green distribution.