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Sounds like

Audioslave, Led Zeppelin , Soundgarden

band members

Mitch Baker - Vocals Brad Sims- Guitar Jarrad McGuire - Guitar/Vocals Talon Driscoll - Drums Billy Cherry - Bass.


Queens Of The Stone Age, Clutch, Audioslave

Unearthed artists we like

Ray Finkle , Tired Lion, SCYATIC


Sit down. Shut up, and kick yourself in the face,

for not finding these guys earlier. The explosive alternative rock band Dallas Royal, is made up of five, young, non-stop guys who call the southwest corner of regional Western Australia their home. In early 2012 they released their debut EP ‘She Said’ to an ecstatically unprepared audience at Mojo’s Bar Fremantle. This paved the way to gaining a slot at the seminal Australian Music Festival “Groovin’ The Moo” - a major Australian Festival. Dallas Royal played alongside acts such as Mutemath, City and Colour, Parkway Drive, San Sisco, Kimbra and Public Enemy.

After an entanglement of anticipated shows up and down Western Australia’s worthy coastline, they then recorded another crowd-pleasing single dubbed ‘Thrash Belted Jackson.’ This ultimately led to Dallas Royal, yet gain, being invited to the festival stage at Parklife (Listen Out Festival) Perth 2012.

In 2013, Dallas Royal showed an unprecedented work ethic by playing a colossal amount of fiery live shows, gifting their trademark, high-powered atmosphere everywhere they went. Dallas Royal were lucky enough to play a part in violently tearing 2014 wide open by playing a New Year set with West Australian rock greats Jebediah - in one of their only rare appearances that year.

With no signs of slowing down for the start of 2014

Dallas Royal played numerous headline shows around WA. It paid off, as they were selected as one of just nine artists for ‘The Sounds Of The Southwest’ album project sponsored and coordinated by WAM. They recorded the belter track ‘Swingers’ with highly recognised music producer Noah Shilkin at his studio The Lollybox in Margaret River.

Dallas Royal, while playing at The Emergence Creative Festival in Western Australia, received a huge thumbs up from legendary international music supervisor PJ Bloom (Game of Thrones, Glee, American Horror Story). The thumbs keep flowing upwards, as and Toonami Asia have taken a keen interest in the band’s recent presence and are currently working on a new project with them all the way from Hong Kong.

After joining forces to play some big shows, the band formed a radical friendship with punk monoliths, Dune Rats. This has consequently led to Dallas Royal being invited to tour with the boys from Brisbane in early September on the “downright dangerous, yet highly anticipated” West Australian leg of the tour.

2015 has already seen some great things for Dallas Royal with their support show with The Beards first thing in the new year with their Adultswim film clip launch for their track 'Swingers' at the Emergence Creative Festival in Margaret River closely behind.

The guys took off on a red eye flight to Adelaide with no sleep to start their first of many tours around Australia taking on a bunch of new fans and learning plenty about themselves and life on the road.

The guys have just released a new track 'Skinwalker' and are just about to jump into the studio again for the second time since the beginning of 2015