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Electronic, Indie, Punk, Rock

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Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Regurgitator, Gorillaz

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Damien Johnson


Bjork, The Beach Boys, Drapht, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Jack Johnson, Cake, Dandy Warhols, Nirvana, Kanye West


Originally born in Sydney, NSW, Damien Johnson has at one stage or another called Armidale, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast, 'home'. He now resides in the city of Ipswich, 45mins west of Brisbane. 

Growing up in regional centers where peer acceptance came through playing sports, Damien did not explore his musical and artistic abilities until later in life, first taking up guitar as a 16 year old as a means of coping with heartbreak and loss.

Damien has always struggled to 'fit in' and has often felt misunderstood and rejected throughout his life, frequently wrestling with his self-identity, spirituality, sexuality and gender.

In 2019 Damien released his first EP, titled, 'Parked', which featured four tracks, with the stand out being the up-beat pop-rock song, 'Hot Days'.

The following year saw Damien release a full length album, 'Passive Aggression', which was entirely self-produced and began to define Damien as a looping artist who fused elements of hip-hop and indie rock. The title of the album came from the idea that many of Damien's song lyrics, though general in nature, were often directed at very specific individuals and that music was Damien's way of passively releasing his hurt towards those individuals.

In 2020 Damien's music evolved further, taking on a heavier, electronic element, whilst also maintaining the looping and hip-hop elements of the previous release. 

Damien continues to struggle to fit in, often feeling a strong compelling to rebel against social norms and the pressures of a western, capitalist, individualist lifestyle. His hope is that through his music, others may also feel empowered to forge their own meaning of life rather than be caught up in the agendas of others.

"Power is the musical memo every single citizen of planet earth needs to hear right now." - Music is My Muse

“Crowd In My Hand is a powerful track, featuring a strong and distinctly memorable vocal performance from Johnson. With polished and slick production and a chorus ready made for crowd participation, “Crowd In My Hand” is all set to be a fan favourite.” - AU Review


Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

10 Dec 2020

Triple J

I like the underlining message and the uplifting moments in this one.

I like the underlining message and the uplifting moments in this one.