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Indie, Rock, Roots

band members

Dan Lethbridge (voice, guitars) Ralf Rehak (drums) Damon Smith (keys) Jed Pickett (guitars) Stewart Taylor (bass)



Dan Lethbridge is a musician based in Melbourne, Australia. He has released three albums: 'Dreamers Of The World Unite', 'Oh Hawke' and most recently, 'Inner Western'. Raised on a 6,000 acre Queensland cattle property, Lethbridge fell in love with the guitar as a child and spent his teenage years learning the instrument at boarding school. By the time he'd come of age, he had played the length and breadth of his home state. Dan moved to Melbourne and in 2008 released his debut album 'Dreamers Of The World Unite'. Described by Beat Magazine as “an excellent album by a fine talent and a remarkably assured debut”, the album took Lethbridge on a year-long promotional tour playing to audiences across Australia, before winding up at New York's famed Rockwood Music Hall. Released in 2012, 'Oh Hawke' finished in Inpress Magazine's top 10 Australian albums of the year. Named after the street in West Melbourne on which it was recorded, 'Oh Hawke' aims to be a candid, more authentic record than Lethbridge's debut. Self-produced and engineered, the album was captured by Dan on a simple 16-track recorder in a make-shift home studio. Looking for the right person to bring the songs to their full potential, Lethbridge turned to Melbourne's master of the mix, Shane O'Mara (Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers). The result is an album that perfectly showcases Lethbridge's strengths as a musician. Taking cues from the classic songwriters of today and yesterday, 'Oh Hawke' is a stunning mix of the light and the dark, the old and the new. Lethbridge describes 2015's 'Inner Western' as, “The album I've always wanted to make”. Produced by Shane O'Mara and recorded with Lethbridge's five-piece band, The Campaigners, the album features 10 new songs which seamlessly shift between genres in typical Lethbridge fashion. From the dark, pulsating opener ‘It All Will Start To Splinter’ through to the playful jazz of closing track ‘Do No Harm’, 'Inner Western' offers up sublime moments of folk, pop, vintage rock n' roll and even psychedelia. Mostly recorded live under O'Mara's direction in the producer's Yikesville studio, 'Inner Western' is a sonic gem showcasing a world-class songwriter in full flight.