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Rock, Roots

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Dana Gehrman


Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt

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Ruby Gilbert, Al Parkinson, Emilee South



Brisbane based guitar-slinger and singer Dana Gehrman has just had the sort of year most musicians can only dream about.  Sharing the stage and studio with the legendary Tim Rogers, toured in support of Australian music veteran Mick Thomas and his Roving Commission as well as 3-time ARIA nominated alt country stalwarts The Wilson Pickers, graced the stage of numerous festivals and recognised as a finalist for the 2018 Queensland Music Awards.

Armed with her old Fender telecaster and matching Fender amps, Dana takes no prisoners on stage while she brings her 70’s ‘West Coast’ inspired Roots-Boogie to life with more panache and vitality than most rock n roll men could even dream of. We’re talking foot on the fold back, amps up loud and attitude to match.