Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Modest Mouse, Dan Kelly, OK GO

band members

Alastair McRae, Tom Guerney, Sarah Marie Hodkinson, Alex McIntosh, Matthew Del Favero


The Flaming Lips, Ben Folds Five, Modest Mouse



Dance Hall Paradiso is run by the midget from Twin Peaks who talks in clicks. DHP is on a cold, boulder-strewn peninsula jutting out into stretch of Italain coast completely void of any sand or tourists. Waves break, salt water sprays. Inside it's warmer, but there doesn't seem to be anybody you particularly want to talk to. The barmaid would be really attractive if it wasn't for the massive mole on her cheek. However, when you try the Home-Made Paradiso Punch ™, the room fills up with excited, glamorous people and you have the night of your life. Until you wake up in the morning, and the whole place is empty again, except for the midget-proprietor who cooks you scrambled eggs himself and, once you're finished, leads you to the door.