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Electronic, Indie, Rock

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Aphex Twin, Arthur Russell, Björk, Brian Eno, Karlheinz Stockhausen, James Blake, Joy Division, Maurice Ravel, Miles Davis, Nick Drake, Nicolás Jaar, Thom Yorke

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Aybner, superclose, Tiber


Daniel Joshua is a Melbourne producer/singer/songwriter, and has been quietly honing his musical craft for some years, waiting patiently for the moment he would finally feel comfortable in sharing his vision.

Classically trained from the age of three, much of his early upbringing revolved around classical music, both in his formal education and at home. However, it wasn’t until just after graduating from high school and beginning university that music began to truly take hold in his life.

Imbued by his exposure to the likes of James Blake and Thom Yorke, Joshua became increasingly invested in blending transformed textures and instrumentation into his compositions. A formative, existential six- month period living independently on the other side of the world served as a catalyst for further development. The conceptual and philosophical evolution of his own voice led to his reclaiming of his middle name as part of his musical identity.

With an appreciable body of work on the way, Joshua’s forthcoming material melds glassy sound palettes and vibrant instrumentation with electronic sensibility.

What comes next remains to be seen.