Artist info


Hip Hop

band members

Daniel Young (Muph), Gully Chaps and Dyl Thomas


The Grouch, Atmosphere, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar

Unearthed artists we like

FRANCO, Triple One



Back after a 10-year hiatus, former Muph and Plutonic rapper Daniel Young’s (aka Muph) new release With a Grain of Salt is raw, incisive and quite unlike anything else out there.

A redemptive tale spanning human relationships, sustainability, love and more, Daniel’s introspective and smart raps sit atop unique and intriguing production from Gully Chaps (Cam Chapman) and Dyl Thomas (Dylan Truscio), formerly of Polo Club.

Punctuating this soulful and compelling release are guest appearances from Solo (Horrorshow), Flu, Elly Poletti, Janie Gordon, Nathaniel Poynter (horns), Peter Brodie (horns), Jake Bovill (violin) and DJFX.