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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

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Gaslight Anthem , Hall and Oates, Ryan Adams, John Mellencamp , The Replacements , Green Day , John Mayer

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Danny Baeffel


Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, Hall and Oates, Waylon Jennings, Marvin Gaye, Hank Williams Jr


Delivering a rare earnestness, Melbourne native Danny Baeffel is an artist that doesn’t just write music, he lets the music write him. With a musical background that spans pop, metal, punk rock, country, and just about everything in between, this energetic and passionate live performer has already taken part in several successful music projects; but his latest is perhaps the most honest and personal of them all.

After his previous projects Brock Downey, The Scissor File and Cisco Rose, Baeffel felt he had achieved what he set out to and put down his guitar and move on with life. After travelling the world and going through some life changing relationships the music found him again. He picked up his old guitar and a new collection of songs poured out, these song would become the Drinkin EP.

Drinkin represents an element of freedom in letting an album become what it was meant to be without the pitfalls of fitting in any box.

On this latest offering, Baeffel said: “I guess artists have to be 100% genuine to the music isn’t always the easiest task, so many voices, opinions and boxes we are told to live in that sometimes the original vision or the song that you hear In your head can be lost. I’ve been a million different versions of myself, made just as many mistakes but with “Drinkin “ it feels like the first time I was totally comfortable to let all those versions of myself live in the music, perfect ? Maybe not but Genuine, Absolutely.”

Drinkin EP delivers a rowdy slice of country/rock at a booze up where everyone’s invited.

Instagram: @dannybaeffel


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

03 Jul 2019

Triple J

Danny B proving his credentials as a honky tonk dude not to be trifled with. Fun and nicely done.

Danny B proving his credentials as a honky tonk dude not to be trifled with. Fun and nicely done.