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Surf Rock

Sounds like

The Shadows, Dick Dale, The Ventures

band members

Danny McMartin - guitar



Danny McMartin

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

24 Nov


Sydney, 2043

642A King Street, Erskineville NSW



Danny McMartin delivers a tsunami of luscious surf rock with his next single, ‘Surf My Life Away’.

The challenges of Covid may have removed his opportunity to tour but it has allowed him to channel all of his creativity towards producing the optimistic anthem for 2020.

His surf rock style is a modern take on a classic genre, presenting it in a fresh way for a new generation to discover and embrace. His music stylings are an homage to The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Shadows.

Danny is not stranger to bringing his music to all corners of the globe, performing in London, touring throughout Asia as well as being a regular on the local Sydney music scene. He’s performed intimate shows for the likes of some of the music industries finest such as Amy Winehouse, Jamiroquai and the Clash. He has joined members of INXS on stage to perform some of their greatest hits.

His latest album is the breath of fresh air that everyone is waiting for after enduring the events of the past year.

You may not be able to travel to the far-flung destination of your dreams but ‘Surf Your Life Away’ will provide you with the escape that you need.