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Nails, on, Chalkboard

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David John Williams - DANVERS


neil young, Tom Waits, Cass McCombs


"Far from the frenzied math-pop and tribal rhythms of bands past, here David John Williams charts deeper and murkier waters, with skeletal guitar lines and hazy jazz chords recalling a world of illicit Prohibition-era bars and crackling acetate records all coloured with a distinctly 21st century melancholy. Propelled by the sharp, minimalist percussion and lurching atmospheres, DANVERS delivers each song with a croon and a holler, the biologically impossible offspring of Thom Yorke and Leadbelly. New single ‘Paper Skin’ ebbs and flows from soberly thumbed guitar to a hypnotic reverie of distortion, a slow-burning herald of things to come." - Walter Marsh 201