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Sounds like

Ed Sheeran, Grace Vanderwaal, Katy Perry (in her old dayz)


Katy Perry, JOY.



Darcy Thornton is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who has been writing music since the young age of 13. Darcy considers herself a storyteller of her own crazy life and would describe her sound as "a bit of everything" as she feels she does not fit into just one genre. Since a very young age, Darcy has been broadcasting her music online through social media as well as Youtube as a way to create her own audience.

In 2017, Darcy took the stage on the 6th season of 'The Voice Australia' as a member of Boy George's team. Since then, Darcy has been writing and playing her own music around Melbourne and has also opened for many popular, upcoming artists.
Darcy continues to frequently post her music online to grow her following and to connect with the people who relate to her crazy love stories.

To keep up with Darcy's journey, you can follow her below: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: darcy.thornton Contact: