Artist info


Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Strokes, Paul Kelly

band members

Simon Naulty: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Harmonica, Keys Brett Stoeckel: Guitars, Backing Vocals Mark Whitehorn: Bass, Backing Vocals Cam Smith: Drums, Backing Vocals


Pokey LaFarge, The Kinks , Rodriguez

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5:51am Wake up!

Pry open your third eye and breathe in the chemtrails.
It's time to get those bones boogeying as you tear up the raveyard. to the fluoride soaked sounds of dark green skeletons.

Straddling the line somewhere between the bizarre and the catchy, dark green skeletons is a folk band wrapped in a rock n roll wrapper. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia this 4 piece aims to bring you songs about the silly, the sad, the seductive and the secretive.

Blending their love of 70's folk and rock n roll with early 00's alternative metal. These cats provide you with something that has been referred to as “Paul Kelly on acid”.

So grab a tin foil hat, your vodka and dance when you're upset, rave to the grave baby, but you ain't dead yet.