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Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Portishead, Massive Attack, Cafe Del Mar

band members

THE DARK HORSE centres around Muma Megs and Klevaone who leads The Dark Horse on the 1's n2's and MPC duty, sampling dusty old jazz, soul and early French soundtracks, combined with punched out Beats. Turntablist Morphingaz accompanies the hip hop beats with deft cuts, storybook solos, cinematic soundtracks and dynamic improvisation to enhance the musical pastiche of what The Dark Horse represents. Muma Megs' soulful voice rides the tracks with harmonies straight off the soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film featuring, horsemen, aliens, angels and white volcanoes. World Renowned Horn players Mark Matthews, Paul Chennard, Ian Pieterse and Matthew Ottignon effects their sax and flute to further layer and texture this deep, dark, rich cacophony. Vincent Sebastian (Of Watussi Fame) and Patrick Darcey play Percussion on Conga The fifth element of Haydn Walker and Ewan Proctor aka ‘The Doc’ hold down the grooves with Double Bass and Reverb drenched Desert Guitar adding to the cinematic experience that is The Dark Horse.



The Dark Horse is a creative collaboration between five elusive and musically twisted music makers. Combining brooding and soulful vocals, blunted beats n breaks, slick-wristed turntablism, Double Bass, Guitar, Sax/flute n effects.