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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

me, The Cure, Comsat Angels

band members

Gareth de-Witt - all instruments and vocals




The Dark Parade is a solo project at the moment. I have played in various bands normally as the bass player. These range from the free-form jazz group "THE GREAT WHITE NOISE" to the melodic pop of "STRANGEWAYS". Am currently with the MAZOLA'S. All songs, vocals and instruments are performed by me. I Record on PC with the following equipment and software: Quadraverb fx rack various pedals Music Man Stingray bass Fender guitars PZM mic by Shure Boss dr550 mk2 drum computer and anything else I can find. Pc: Ibm 3.8Ghz, 2gig ram, 300gig HDD Windows XP Delta 44 interface/breakout box Software: Mixcraft 5, Adobe Audition plus various Dsp f


Mr Penny

19 Jul 2007


Love the driving...

Love the driving bass, the overall sound of the music almost for me needs to be lifted to the surface of the recording, it's like there is a layer of air above the sound. but within the recording itself everything melts and fits together nicely with a good composition of sounds For me it needs a break in a different direction at about the 1 min mark

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