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Tom Houston - Guitar & Vocals, Chris Hillis - Drums, Jamie Pearce - Vocals, Andrew Macdonald - Bass, Terry Howlett - Guitar...



Dark Thorn...musicians from Melbourne Australia that have come together to form a solid diversified rock outfit. Having a strong focus on quality musicianship, the band is delivering a solid vibe and quality rock songs. All members of the band have been part of the Melbourne Rock and Metal scene for many years and have a massive amount of experience between them. As the guys stated in an recent interview... “We decided to pool our talents and put together a new and exciting band where all of our individual experience could be used to write songs and share some existing rock material for people to enjoy” The bands tracks show a variety of rock influences that give the band the sound it has today. So get ready Melbourne as DARK THORN will be bringing its SPIKE to the live scene in the not so distant future… ROCK ON AND SUPPORT LOCAL & LIVE MUSIC AND KEEP IT ALIVE... Dark Thorn