Artist info



Sounds like

Husker Du, fluff, The Church

band members

Leigh Stone-guitar/vox, Luke Laver-guitar, Liam Kennealy-bass, Alana Manix-drums/vo


Midnight Oil, Radio Birdman, Steve Earle

Unearthed artists we like

The Blackout, Kids in Cults, +The Chemists_


There are terms for outcasts that take no prisoners; guns for hire, ronin, and rock 'n' roll bands. Darkest Heartstrings are the latter, that's rock, not emo, not effete posturing and definately not K-mart punk shit. This band carry the vibe of wandering killers drifting into town at the scent of blood money. Darkest Heartstrings are building a strong reputation gigging around the Melbourne scene with band members Liam Kennealy (bass), Luke 'Mudsy' Laver (guitar), Leigh Stone (vocals/guitar), and Alana Manix (vocals/drums). The new rock - punk - country quartet arisen from the ashes of acts like the Actioneers and Dolly Blitz, and claim influences as diverse as the Supersuckers, the Church, the Hellacopters, Radio Birdman, the Stooges, MC5, Mid Youth Crisis, Sons Of Lee Marvin, Young Heart Attack, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster, Social Distortion, Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Warped, New Christs, Rocket From The Crypt, and Husker Du among others. As true to the spirit of true rock and roots music as thir influences, Darkest Hearstrings would sit well on a bill with the Beasts Of Bourbon, Dallas Crane, Six Ft. Hick or Neil Young & Crazy Horse. They don't sound like any of them as such, but you need to get your head into that sort of space. Kinda like: Neil Young & Crazy Horse riffing out 'Cinnamon Girl, ' but pumped full of the cheapest gnarliest amphetamines; or like Joe Ely fronting Sonic Youth, and Black Sabbath if they were a cowpunk band...damn I's country death songs, downtuned guitar sludge at times, then it's like Husker Du in a drunken car crash with the Kings of Leon. For all the good word about town, all you really need to know is that Darkest Heartstrings combine slashing country-punk guitars courtesy Mudsy and Stoney, Liam's pummeling bass lines and monster drummer Alana, who totally pounds those skins, and then there's Stoney's gravel edged country-rock vox. They Take No Prisoners, they're loud (surpise.. you're deaf!) and ready to play some crazy rocking shit DARKEST HEARTSTRINGS