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Sounds like

caliban, Bury Your Dead, Kill Switch Engage

band members

Jared Day - Vocals & Bass Guitar, Craig Leggett- Lead Guitar, Justin Goulding - Drums


caliban, Bury Your Dead, Kill Switch Engage


Darkness Blinding are a three piece original metal core band currently rehearsing and writing original music with the aim to get gigs and further our music careers. We have recorded a demo at Sherwell Studios in 2005 comprising of three tracks and have recorded a radio quality single or two at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane - we are currently promoting this at various venues to gain experience and a local following. Recently we have performed at The Dark Cathedral, Coke Live N Loud, Gilhooleys Hotel, The Hard Rock Cafe, Her Majestys Bar and Nightlife Club. We currently have approx. an hour of original material and are searching for any potential gigs.