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Sounds like

Katchafire, Groundation, the green

band members

Joshua Hillman vocals/riddim guitar - mataio uri keyboards/vocals - sekove qereqeretabua vocals/keyboards - paul hillman bass - hugh jones drums - jai mitchel lead guitar


Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Biggie

Unearthed artists we like

Kingfisha, One Dread


This Brisbane-based outfit formed in 2008, and has evolved into a 8 piece live band, the band has undergone some line up changes in the last 12 months, and has developed a fresh new authentic sunshine roots reggae sound, with the addition of a new female backing vocalist, the band has reinvented its self. Darky Roots are impressing audiences all around the pacific with a deverse repertoire of music, sweet harmonies, vintage horn section and heavy drum and bass, and with their clever and extremely catchy song writing, they are being played on airwaves all around the world Darky Roots have toured Australia and New Zealand pretty hard, and are planning to take their music to the rest of the globe as soon as possible. The band have just released their debut full length album, and is available from iTunes and physically through Vitamin records.