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Lou Reed, Roy Buchanan, The Stranglers

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David Moran, Rob Susanto - anything & everything


Robbie Robertson, David Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaughan



February the 18th, 2017 will see the release of the new album Master Date.  The lead track is ‘Crossing Open Ground’ (4:24) and the album (our third) was recorded at Yo-Yo Studios and mastered at Forensic Audio.

The album takes a look at where we’re all going as we all move further away from where we need to be...or is that just me.  With so many people looking to find a solution to their problems (spiritual, financial, egotistical), watching it all go off the rails is almost as popular as watching people walk by the cafe window in yesteryear.

While we’re not proposing the solution, we have managed to identify a couple of opportunities for the fearless - leave town young man, take the war to their neighbourhood, find the owner of the big button and push it ... all valid, all avoidable.

While it’s easy to offer forgiveness and understanding, it is probably wiser to offer nothing and go hunting - they call it sport, until you hunt them ... and the biggest hunters of all have armies by their sides.

On a gentler note, it seems to me that the more strenuous the situation, the more the love comes blindingly through - picking out the passionate is a higher art, fighting for it is valiant and protecting it is vital.

While i would not want to be responsible for anyone other than my own actions, I believe that even the lonely find company, the righteous find compassion and the friendly fire we all endure is worth sucking up if it protects love ... or you can just shoot back and go to war on their arse!

‘There’s A Big Button Called Master, Date With Destiny’!

The album launch will be held at The Hen House with support from Rocket and Friends and Kylie Storm.