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Dave Arden Accoustic/Lead vocals, Gideon Marcus-Drums, Peter Beulke-Bass, Ben Smith-Trumpet, David Llewellyn-alto Sax Scott Wilson-Guitar, Tommy Lynch-Keyboards, Tom McGlinn-Lead Elec Guitar & Tracey Mack-Vocals


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David Arden, legendary Australian Indigenous song writer, guitarist and singer.Performing with the likes of Dan Sultan, Shane Howard, Archie Roach & Kutcha Edwards, over the past 25 years David has toured extensively both nationally & internationally having spent five years as lead guitarist with Archie Roach, and has worked/performed with the late Ruby Hunter, Tiddas, Coloured Stone, Paul Kelly, Bart Willoughby, Mixed Relations, Goanna, Crowded House, Not Drowning Waving, Hunters & Collectors & Weddings Parties Anything to name a few. 2008 to current has seen David renew his passion for his own style and song writing of over 130 new songs, luring Paul Kelly to seek collaboration with David on the album song “Freedom Called”. As one of the songs on the currently being recorded "I Remember" album, David & Paul combine musical and artistic experience to create a spine tingling sound. Having included the single Freedom Called on the Jesuits 'Just Music' benefit album on their most recent compilation cd early 2012. Dave Arden was nominated for this years Deadly Awards for Best Male Artist 2012. ‘David has the sweetest rhythms and he has a perfect ear for melodies on the guitar. His use of dynamics is simply brilliant. I believe he is one of the finest guitarists in Australia, he treats not only his own music with incredible respect, but other peoples’ music too and it shows.’ (Archie Roach) Dave is currently recording his latest album “I Remember” due for release in 2013 Also including Scott Wilson (of Dan Sultan) on guitar on the album. Dave is currently recording his latest album “I Remember” due for release early 2013, with his core band being made of some of Australians most respected and seasoned performers and artists. Peter Beulke-Bass, Tommy Lynch-Keyboards, Gideon Marcus – Drums, Tom McGlinn-Lead guitar, David Llewellyn –Alto Sax, Ben Smith-Trumpet, Tracey Mack-Vocals