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Roots, Rock

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summer, The beach

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Alex McConnell - Bass , Vincenzo Infusino - Drums , Eddy Riches - Guitar , Dave Jacobs - Vocals/ Rhythm guitar


Rock, roots, blues


Dave was born to a couple that was shipwrecked on a deserted island off the coast of Australia. They made guitars out of coconut shells & learnt to sing by calling to the whales. He started to surf when he was still learning to walk.. On his travels he met The Prodigal Sons... Fellow Aussie Alex McConnell 'The Wild-bass-man', Paul Van druten- Drums & Brent Mcmullen- Lead Guitar. Drawing on all the powers of Poseidon & the Sun Gods, together they unite to create the magical sounds of Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons. Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons formed in 2008 in London, and have since been playing at some of the UK's top venues including Jazz Cafe, Cobden Club, Dingwalls, Rock Garden, Halo Bar, Metro Club, Purple Turtle, and Belushi's as well as playing the Albani in Switzerland, & Headlining Universound Festival Italy. Recently relocated to Australia & with a couple of changes to the lineup the band have begun playing shows around Queensland. ''Great songwriting, strong vocal delivery, solid playing and (most importantly) identity.'' SCOTT MATHEWS - Multi Platinum Music Producer, Composer, Arranger, Song Doctor, Multi–instrumentalist



24 Aug 2011


soft soothing me...

soft soothing melody!! so enjoyable!

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11 Dec 2009


like it like it ...

like it like it like it a lot:))))great job..keep it up

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Le Vin Qui...

06 Dec 2009


One needs to hea...

One needs to hear more from Dave Jacobs & The Prodigal Sons for their music is pretty good. Catch them on Myspace and listen, they do great, I promise.

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