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Roots, Rock

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Dave Mann -vocals, guitars. Roy Martinez - bass, backing vocals, keys. Bec Schofield - backing vocals. Phoebe Corke - violin, backing vocals.


Shane Howard, Paul kelly

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Dave Mann is a well-known songwriter and performer in his home state of WA. Together with his band, The Dave Mann Collective, he has been constantly touring and promoting his original music since 2003. Dave performs both solo, as a duo with Bec Schofield. A trio with Bec and Phoebe Corke and with the DMC to all corners of WA and, in recent years, nationally. With five respected CD releases under his belt he has been etching a steadfast reputation Australia wide for quality “timeless” songwriting and dynamic live performances. Dave has supported artists such as Jeff Martin (The Tea Party),The Whitlam’s, Pete Murray, The Cat Empire, Eric Bibb, Thirsty Merc, Jeff Lang, Diesel and Lior. Dave Mann Collective has also played major Australian festivals including the West Coast Blues And Roots Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Fairbridge Festival, Blues at Bridgetown, Folk Rhythm & Life and Peat’s Ridge. As front man, Dave commands a striking stage presence; not only for his towering stature, but moreover for his impressive dynamism. He can morph from his laid-back folk crooner persona - with a voice that melts into musical nirvana- to the energetic burst of the iconic pub-rock front man, belting out an impassioned cry as if his life depends on it! Coupled with his battle-scarred acoustic guitar as his weapon of choice, Dave delivers his bittersweet songs with musical virtuosity and red-raw emotion. The songs themselves are artistic gems in the tradition of the timeless classics: strong, memorable hooks; heart-felt, profound lyrics that depict Dave’s autobiographical take on life. His songs range from the uniquely poetic view of the everyday, thru to the weighty narrative of social/political issues. No matter what format, Dave is highly individual in his expression… in every aspect, one can feel the ache, the elation and the passion of his beliefs all presented by a seasoned well-travelled artist whose style still remains fresh & constantly evolving, yet instantly recognizable. There is always a resonance of familiarity - with soaring melodies channelled from the musical “ether” and then set in stone.