There are certain writers who command moving melodies and lyrics in equal measure. Dave Wells is one of those artists. The gifted musician has quickly garnered a word-of-mouth reputation as one of the Hunter's finest songwriters and performers; a master craftsman whose songs creep up on you and cut deep.
“Amazing.” - Melody Pool “An incredible voice.” - Ben Ely

Spaciously intense and progressive, this emotionally and soncially diverse debut record exemplifies Wells’ indie folk and alt-rock influences. Across the album, the Hunter Valley songwriter examines social realism through an abstract lens. He sets his sights on the biggest of themes: our inclinations for lust and freedom, moral boundaries, human desire, self-preservation, the cause and effects of love, jealousy and loss.

“’Run Free’ is about having a go at something you believe in and chasing those desires, despite fears and unknown consequences.”