Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

U2, Powderfinger, Switchfoot

band members

Pat O'Keeffe - Vocals, Ben Duffin - Guitars/Vocals, Tommy Swanton - Bass/Vocals, Ludo Mees - Drums/Vocals


U2, Powderfinger, Switchfoot


Daybreak is an up and coming cutting-edge rock/pop band from Sydney's North Shore. Pat, Ben, Tommy and Ludo: the four elements, forming Daybreak in early 2005. These four 17 year olds shape Daybreak, an embodiment of their different musical tastes and influences - from Dream Theatre to U2 to Powderfinger. Their debut EP, 'NEON LIGHTS,' was released in November 2006, with new tracks shouting of the only real unchanging hope that can be grabbed onto on this seasonal and temporary earth. It was recorded at Delusion Records' Studios in Sydney.