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90's Boom-Bap, Wu-Tang Clan, The Alchemist



Hailing from Canberra, raised in Sydney and now calling Melbourne home; producer/MC Dazed has found himself firmly rooted in Melbourne’s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene. Originally recognised amongst the Australian Hip-Hop community as one half of MC duo Dazed & Flawlezz, Dazed has forged a career on his own path, producing for a range of artists and now a driving force behind Down For The Count Records. Brandishing an MPC Renaissance and an eclectic stash of wax for sampling, Dazed is a producer at heart and it’s music that fuels his daily life. One to not forget where we have come from, Dazed continues to release music on vinyl in a digital age where mp3s reign supreme, where music is thrown away just as easy as it is accessed. Whether crafting a hardcore banger or getting personal with melancholic boom- bap, the focus is on creating something unique and fresh that the audience can connect with. Living, breathing, street-level Hip-Hop for the heads.