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Electronic, Rock

band members

James Heath - Drums, bass, guitar, synth, vocals, programming natalie Heath -Additional vocals


Muse, nick cave, Daft Punk, yo momma


Dead 2 Life The concept name for the musical workings of a Sydney based musician/songwriter, who relates to the world his experiences and beliefs through a world of dark alternative music. Having worked with several different projects including the Australian metal band InCarnate, James Heath has returned to his former shadow to produce a musical experience to match the fallen world we live in. The Music The music is formed around the different styles that James has experienced over his musical career including Electronic, gothic, industrial, indie rock and metal. All these flavours produce a unique blend of sound that renders no two songs the same. Dead 2 Life not only offers you a dark sorrowful soundscape to reflect in but a hope that can let you see the world in a different light. The lyrics display a very human side to the emotions, doubts and fears that we all face in our lives. James has also produced several remixes for the Australian Doom metal Paramaecium. More recently James has been working on remixes for Swedish metal band "Jet Circus" for a forth coming Dance album.