Artist info


Punk, Electronic

Sounds like

Sex Pistols, DEADSY, Ladytron

band members

Manek Deboto - Vocals, Sound Design, Nuke Puke'em - Vocals, Drad Zerox - Guitar/Keys, Lexx Tronix - Bass


Duran Duran, Bowie


Dead Inside the Chrysalis give a whole new meaning to the phrase stylistic diversity by taking their promise to entertain to a whole new level with their upcoming release Who Killed Entertainment? available to buy online January 4th 2008. The album showcases a compilation of new and previously unreleased material as well as b-sides, remixes and DITC rarities. The title track WHO KILLED ENTERTAINMENT? was one of the tracks aired last week on the hit reality TV show “Project My World” on DIRECT TV(who has an audience of 45 million viewers) and has been met with rave reviews. Its DITC’s “make your own reality” mindset that attracted attention from the shows producers who found the band on myspace and eventuated with the shows hosts flying out to Australia in late June to spend 2 days with the band including the filming of a live showcase as well as footage of DITC out and about in Sydney. With the shows slogan being ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating itself’ its no surprise that Dead Inside The Chrysalis has attracted their attention! DITC have been part of a new-wave sub-culture since 1998, Spinning out of the post-apocalyptic wreckage of pop culture they have created their own unique sub-culture "THE MUTANT GENERATION" - a focus on evolution thru multi-media and pop culture - thru means of virtuality and real-time experience. DITC is not just a band but a reality TV, fashion, music, art, movie based, multi-medium... a counter-cultural experience. Dead Inside The Chrysalis have been described as a metamorphosis of high concept cyber-punk, pop, glam, new rave & electro-trash rock with song titles ( available on their current release Class of 2099) such as 'ACID NIGHT AT THE PROM', 'THE BOY WHO COULDN'T FLY' and 'TRANZSISTER OBLIVION' providing the soundtrack for the next stage of [r]evolution. Aptly described by The Sydney Morning Herald as the "Post Apocalyptic Duran Duran", Dead Inside The Chrysalis combine their bit-crushing sound with a unique visual aesthetic while consistently delivering nothing short of a world class live experience with a stadium filling sound. Having already showed their dexterity and genre-defying appeal with live shows supporting acts such as American shock rocker Wednesday 13, EBM pioneers Nitzer Ebb (UK), cult favourites Genitorturers as well as a tour in the works for ’08 with KMFDM, The band's sight is clearly set in creating their own brand of future, from here there's a sense of anything can happen.