Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

SlipKnot, Pantera, Damaged

band members

Pine Cone Throat,Iron Clad The Roo Killer,Cane Train Kelly,Wombat Destroyer,The stanley Knife


Pantera, meshuggah, Damaged


Dead Kelly was formed when one little bloke (Pine Cone Throat) and one big bloke ( Roo Killer ) decided to write some metal together.Both of them had played in bands on the sunshine coast for years with a range of different styles .But both men,,from a young age ..had metal pumping through their blood streams. So with a carton of piss,pipes and a clapt out pc and a weird recording program from germany the boys layed down there first track UNDERESTIMATED and Dead Kelly was born. Enlisting the help of other coast muso,s was always on the cards for Roo and Pine Cone (who were always busy with their main bands) Decided that Dead Kelly would be a chance to get together with great muso's who they had met while playin in bands, mates that they admired their talents. Plus a great excuse to drink shit loads,get blazed and record brutal metal.Eight Fingers jumped on board and layed down solos that would make a bilby shit a emu. And Wombat Kelly would breach the grovel pit at times to lay down some fat bass.Eight Fingers departs the gang making way for new recruit the Stanley Knife .With the age the internet upon them Pine Cone and Roo (who had done alot of touring aus) Decided that Dead Kelly would be an experiment. To see as a project, how much exposure you could get without playin shows or even being a band. The idea was simple, and still is today. TO MAKE AUSSIE METAL FOR AUSSIE PEOPLE .Not do the norm,not follow trends and have a fucken laugh while doing it and after uploading songs and videos to various sites the feed back DK have recieved is nothing short of fucken insane.You have to remember all DKs music is recorded on a pc that is shitter than yours with no buget and no expectation . Just a lot of 3am nights for Pine Cone mixing till his missus wants to slab him in the face with a brick. For them it's about making entertaining songs that make you want to get up an say FUCK YEH I AM A PROUD AUSTRALIAN!!! and no matter where you come from, what colour you are,what you believe in. You are all part of this great land and need to stop the shit and come together as one. In the future we will continue to write and record brutal aussie metal post vids and most importantly.. have fun doing it. Alot of people have requested to see this band live and down the track this will become a reality. But from the DK boys experience.. they know what a corrupt, heartless, cunt of an industry the music biz is and will not outlay huge amounts of money, travel Austraila, work there arses off , all for the benefit of some fat cock with a bmw and a million dollar water front mansion. All to come home to there loved ones with nothing but a credit card bill and a smelly shlonge FUCK THAT.(Its not like the good old days). But if you guys tell ya mates to check this shit out and spread it around, go get a dead kelly wife beater made up that says "EAT A BAG OF SMELLY CANE FARMER DICKS "on the will get noticed trust me.And if time is right the DK gang will unite and terrorize venues across the land giving people a positive outlet to have a good time and let it all out. On that topic they are looking for somone to play drums he must be a complete monster who shits blast beats and pisses polyrhythms.. if you find him let Dead Kelly Know !!!!!!!! we are currently looking at getting the whole back catalog on itunes. we will let you know if this go's through.But if you can download it fucken do it!!!! we dont give a fuck! burn your mates a disk. Thank you to all the people who leave positive comments.. it is the fuel for the Dead Kelly fire,, keep em coming. If you dont like it eat a busterd carny cock at the nambour show.