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Indie, Rock

band members

Matt Joe Gow - vox, guitars, Andrew Pollock - vox, guitars, Cam Grindrod - bass, Joel Witenberg - drums


The Dead Leaves are a indie alternative band from Melbourne, Australia. While initially formed in 2009 to play and record lead-vocalist Matt Joe Gow's solo work, The Dead Leaves (featuring guitarist Andrew Pollock, bassist Cameron Grindrod and drummer Joel Witenberg) have evolved far beyond a solo artist's backing band.  In early 2011, the band began recording their debut album at BJB Studios in Sydney, Australia, with producers Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Birds of Tokyo, The Panics) and Eric J Dubowsky (Art vs Science, Weezer).  The album is due for release in february 2012. The twelve songs were recorded by the band during the late spring of 2010 (flip seasons for you Northern Hemisphere folks).  The band is now signed to Liberation Records, home to The Temper Trap and Little Red.  Guest vocalists on the album include Gin Wigmore (‘Album of the Year’ New Zealand Music Awards 2010) on “This Living” and guest vocalist Emma Louise on “Changing”.  Emma is an exciting up-and-coming artist whose new EP “Insomnia” was produced by Mark Myers of The Middle East. The Dead Leaves’ music is a raw and passionate collision of the dark brooding sonics of Joy Division and Grizzly Bear, meeting up with the dank and roomy basement sound of Band Of Horses and Tom Petty – all culminating on a rainy Saturday afternoon with the buzz and haze of several bottles of red wine.  "I know it can sound incredibly vague and ethereal to say that an album sounds international, but with songs like 'Harm' & 'If The Shoe Fits'... well,'Cities On The Sea' by The Dead Leaves just does... and in a really good way. The Dead Leaves certainly have an honest and intimate style of writing, but songs like 'If Anyone Asks,' and 'Cover,' see it complimented with haunting sonics and at times militant rhythms. Nice work lads!" Tim Hart of Boy & Bear "The Dead Leaves have an incredibly honest sound with an amazing vocal performance by Matt Joe Gow which for me renders this debut as one to certainly watch out for." Alfio Alivuzza of The Cairos "This album is living proof that hard work and a positive, focused goal can provide a world class piece of work. Simple, tasteful, beautiful and utterly cool. Can't wait to see it live." Wade Keighran of Wolf and Cub "...darkness has to become personally accepted; one must knowingly carry the responsibility of it... There must be music to reflect this sort of personal transition, and The Dead Leaves make music that speaks rather effectively to that need." Andy Bull