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Rock, Punk

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Pat Shipp - Lead Guitar, Heath Shipp - Bass, Callum Deed - Drums, Bones - Vocals.


Black Flag, The Who, The Dillenger Escape Plan


We drank from a paw-print when the moon was full, We didn't know just what it would do. There is no going back so prepare for the attach. Four wolves from every angle, with teeth like there's don't expect them to be gentle. Dead Wolves have a story or two to tell, coming from his previous band (ESCAPE FROM LINCOLN) Bones jumped from behind the drums and called on his right hand man and longtime friend Pat Shipp (DONT TEMPT THIEVES) to start up something and just get right down to it. Knowing right where to look next they grabbed Heath Shipp (TO MANY TO LIST and no thats not the band name) not only the best bass player from the Brisbane Bayside but also Pat's own brother, they now had it all but the back beat. Like all things that suddenly come to life they was a waiting period and with no drummer a rock and roll band can not exist but as fate would have it a series of events including a house party, possibly things of a psychedelic natural and an open heart they found the last part. Callum Deed is his name and hitting things with two pieces of wood is defiantly his game. Dead Wolves is a band that knows time is only a thing that can be seized or wasted. So if you get a chance catch a show because this band has a MUSICAL DEATH WISH and your going to want to attend the funeral.


Review of Dreams (Live @ The Zoo) by DEAD WOLVES Patrice111

04 Jun 2014




02 Mar 2014


awesome live sound!

awesome live sound!