Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Adolescents, Bad Religion

band members

Peter Driscoll (Guitar, Vocals) Matthew Driscoll (Bass) Jordan Brady (Drums) Michael Bush (Lead Guitar)


Dead Kennedys, The Germs


Emerging from the depths of Melbourne’s South Eastern rubble, The Deadbeats formed in late 2018 with Driscoll brothers Pete (guitars and vocals) and Matt (bass) writing tracks reflecting on their dubious and unruly adolescent years. With Jordan Brady (drums) adding an aggressive yet dynamic intensity to the backbone and Michael Bush (lead guitar) providing the melodic necessities bringing the line up to completion.
Influenced by the likes of the Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Lagwagon, NoFX, Descendents, Bad Religion, Rancid and Frenzal Rhomb, the Deadbeats have begun conjuring a somewhat long forgotten sound trapped between the ferocity of the 80’s hardcore scene through to the those generated within the 90’s punk scene in Southern California.
Fresh on the scene after recently recording tracks for their debut E.P. with producer Beau McKee, The Deadbeats have reinvigorated the sounds bound to their roots while incorporating an ever so subtle dose of what the modern-day scene so desperately craves.
The release of their debut single B.A.D is as punchy as it is catchy. Entwined with witty lyrics telling the tale of a past life building to a chorus hook that resonates with its’ audience.
Driven by a lust for vigorous and explosive live performance The Deadbeats are forever waiting impatiently for the next opportunity to take to the stage.
Whether the stage be in a licensed venue, a big ass shed or a mates back deck, it doesn’t fucking matter…