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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Good Name for a band, Mrs Mangle, Dean Bungle

band members

Dean Collingridge. Guitar , Bass , Drums , Samples , Keys , Programing , Editing.


Mrs Mangle, Dean Bungle, Mike Patton

Unearthed artists we like

Mrs Mangle, Norwood Grimes


Dont be a douche check out all the new Mrs Mangle music from 2011 on DEAN BUNGLE 1996 - 2010 1996-1999 -Fetus eater 1999-2005 - Good Name For A Band 2006-Current - Mrs mangle See A long long time ago in a Space time continuum ,Far far away. The endless noise began............. I digest. Dean Bungle/Mrs Mangle have just completed a new album and songs are on Triple J unearthed for you to enjoy. as of right fucking NOW !!! Dean Collingridge and Clint adams formed Mrs Mangle in 2006 and there latest feature length album " Cooking With Mangle" {2012} can be found through SUPPORT AUSSIE MUSIC, SUPPORT MRS MANGLE If you like my music here check out the full band at or for more Dean Bungle and MRS MANGLE songs {Get "mrs mangle" out there..... cant blame a guy for trying in a world full of Lilly allen.} Albums "Eat your children" {2009} "Things & Stuff" {2010} "The Chronicle of Mangle" [2011) "Cooking with Mangle" {2012} Recorded at Mangle studios Recorded by Dean Collingridge Assistant engineer Hayley Fairbrother Assistant engineer Clint Adams All music written and performed By Dean Collingridge Lyrics and Vocals By Clint Adams / Dean Collingridge Mrs Mangle. recorded by: Dean Collingridge and Mrs Mangle; Clint Adams, Hayley Fairbrother. Music written and performed by : Dean Collingridge Lyrics by : Dean Collingridge Clint,Bass and vox on various shit Hayley,Bass and vox on various stuff Contact Dean Collingridge on facebook and always unicycle away from the murder.