Artist info


Electronic, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Nightwish, Nin

band members

Erin Blackie - vox, Andrei Jennings - guitar, Dave Johnson - drums


Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, nin, Tool, Rob Zombie



Death of Art are a female fronted dark electronic rock act fused with elements of classical and heavy rock. With a live performance that is confronting and captivating, you’ll be mesmerised by the unexpected powerful voice and presence that comes from such a petite lead singer. Their engaging songs are about empowerment and overcoming self-sabotage.

In May 2015, with direction advice from Michael Parisi, Death of Art release their 2nd EP 'War'. Engineered by Mercury award winning producer Wayne 'Lotek' and mastered by Tom Baker (also mastered for Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie etc...). A remix of the title track 'War' by Angelspit has also followed this release.

Prior to this, Death of Art released their self-titled EP in 2011 including remixes from industrial producers Sirus and Rael Borg. Their first video clip from the CD for “Anti-Valentine” followed in 2012 and in 2013, “Anti- Valentine” was also part of Belgium based compilation by Alfa Matrix “Absolute Grrrls Manifesto”.

Aside the many gigs this Melbourne-based 3 piece have headlined with their theatrical show, Death of Art also do an acoustic set on occasion, which for many of the songs is how they started.

Some performances include popular alternative club DV8, including the launch of their first EP there in Feb 2011 for 'Anti-Valentine's Day', The Hi- Fi Bar, The Espy, Ding Dong Lounge, The Central Club, Brunswick Hotel, The Prague, Vedette, Dark Realm events, Dark Events, Creepshow 2011 & 2012 (Saltar Hype), for Rivetting Promotions (supporting US Aesthetic Perfection), Abode, The Bizarre Music Festival, Chapel off Chapel and even the Crown Showroom to name a few....Late 2011 also saw their first invite to tour beyond Melbourne to Broken Hill as one of the headlining bands
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