Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying

band members

Josh - Vocals
Phil - Guitar/Vocals
Will - Guitars
Liam - Bass
Steve - Drums


As I Lay Dying, Mnemic, SlipKnot



Since bursting out into the music scene in 2007 Death Audio’s massive sound has continued to push the boundaries of metal fans worldwide. This Heavy Melodic Blend of Metal / Hardcore & Rock will grab your attention and the band will earn your respect. They live hard, they play hard, but most important of all, they work hard at it. A group of 5 humble guys all hailing from very different walks of life set out to create a band that allows them to transform their passion and emotions derived from everyday life and life experiences into music with like minded individuals that have one thing in common; the love of music to death. This is Death Audio with members Will Borland, Karl Steller, Josh Cahill, Phil Gee & Tim Annett. The five piece demonstrate their joint passion not only through their music, but also through their life experiences, live shows, and loyalty to their fans, Death Audio don’t hold much back. This band is not afraid of pursuing a new sound, they recognise that they all have different musical interests, which ensures that they bring a unique diversity that keeps them interesting. A band such as Death Audio is hard to ignore. In 2010 Death Audio tore up the stage at the Soundwave Festival, people took notice and many loyal fans were recruited on that day. Death Audio picked up momentum though playing 7 international supports in 14 months, sharing the stage with bands such as Static X (USA), HellYeah (USA), Unearth (USA), The Black Dahlia Murder (USA), Soilwork (SWE), Darkest Hour (USA), and Carnifex (USA) and after winning “Best New Band” in the Australian Metal Awards in 2009. Death Audio has had a definate impact in social media and is in demand all over the world. Death Audio has proven to be a band worth investing in, with endorsements from Monster Energy, Krank Amps, ESP Guitars, DR Strings, Seymour Duncan Pickups, TC Electronics, Pro Mark Sticks, Evan drumheads, Ovation Guitars, Ddrum, Morley and Maxon Pedals. They have released three singles over the past years and a lot of hard work, time and funds have been poured into the bands up and coming self titled debut album, which is due to be released soon and it will not disappoint. Whether you like them or not, Death Audio is here to stay!!!!



14 Jan 2013


From not hearing...

From not hearing about these amazing guys until around 6 months ago, I was greatly surprised how quickly they grew to been one of my favorite aussie artists. I expect great things to come of these guys.

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15 Jan 2013


This band is EAS...

This band is EASILY 5 star quality- beautiful yet brutal blend of clean singing and growls. Each song has its own life form, some amazing riffs and wicked beats. Hard not to sing along- this album has been in my cd player since I got it! This song is just a snippet of the awesome-ness, check them out if you know what's good for you!

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