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Country, Blues, Rock and Roll

band members

Tyron John Bremner - Vocals, Josh Curtis - Guitar, Andy Burns - Double Bass, Stu Nish - Drums, Tim Nielson - Guitar/Banjo


Skip James, Neil Young, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


The Death Rattles were born on the backroads of blues, country noir and bluegrass. Meandering into town on a lonely desert highway, the Melbourne five-piece present a bitter sweet sound, one of murder ballads, stories of lost souls and unrequited love. Lurking somewhere on the road to nowhere are haunted guitars, train tracking drums and bass and crooning vocals. Following on from their debut EP Tales of Dogs & Men and 7" Born Wolf/In The Morning, The Death Rattles present the first single, 'Crying Moon' off their upcoming debut album.


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

04 Apr 2013

Triple J

This one rattles along with howling, dusty goodness.

This one rattles along with howling, dusty goodness.