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Rock, Pop

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Lachlan Ewbank - Rob Fantone - Luca Scalzo


When Lachlan Ewbank, Luca Scalzo and Rob Fantone hit the stage, you quickly realise this is more than a rock show. Far from your shoe-gazing laze-rock or postulating, vainglorious cock rockers, Death Valley Band’s output is honest, ball-tearing firey rock and roll. So keep your balls secure. Death Valley Band started late 2009 as Bad Dad Baghdad; by January 2010, they were Death Valley Band, and ready to blow minds and pull shapes. Ewbank had previously served with indie kids Fearless Vampire Killers and improv experimentalists Ants/ Dead Ants Rainbow and you may remember Scalzo from his time hitting the skins with Reptiles. They bring this diverse itinerary and then some to the table to create what we now know as the hot desert rock of DVB. Since their inception into the scene, Death Valley Band have been gigging like crazy horses; hitting the stage at least once a week and playing seemingly every venue in Melbourne with a mixed bag of awesome local acts (Clavians, Ouch! My Face, Ferrytails, Reptiles,Dozers, En Tout Cas, Redcoats, Buried Horses and In Tongues to name but a few) The boys are currently writing what promises (if their live inferno is anything to go by) to be a rip-roaring EP and will be heading to Sydney in July. It’s certainly a case of “first stop, New South Wales- then, the world!”